The Skin-Tight Suit

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Here's something the girls at SCORELAND should wear more often. This purple bodysuit is a virtual second skin on Roxi Red's super-shapely physique. Roxi checks herself out in a mirror and she loves what she sees. We have to reboot our brains when Roxi is back because watching her wiggle, undulate and jiggle is brain-freezing. It's difficult to think straight after seeing her. It's easy to visualize the effect she has in public. "Roxi beautifully shows that bigger really is better," wrote P.S. "The sheer size, shape and fullness of her heavy hangers is awesome. Roxi has it all: the looks, the body and the rack." "I hope she'll run for president in Holland soon!" Detmar emailed. Only after she serves at least one term as President of the USA, Detmar.