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"I'm a swinger and have been in the lifestyle since 2010," said Texas Rose, who before that was stuck in a boring marriage. "On the last swingers cruise I went on, I was down in the single men's room and had seven guys that night, taking on three at a time." For her 50PlusMILFs.com video debut, she's taking on one guy, but he's 23 years old. She's 57. Here, she's a realtor who's trying to rent an expensive apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay and American Airlines Arena in Miami. He's not sure he can afford it. She shows him the benefits that come with closing the deal: her big tits, deep throat and horny pussy. Does Rose seal the deal? We don't know, but she does get laid. Not every day of Rose's life back home in San Antonio, Texas is as exciting as this one was. She works in IT. We think she's better working on cock. So does her current boyfriend. Her ex-husband? He was a stiff, and we don't mean stiff cock. He didn't give Rose what she wanted in the bedroom, so she gave him the heave-ho. Now she's living the wild life. "I've been handcuffed to a massage table, and I've also had seven gentlemen at the same time," she said. She said it was a gentlemanly gangbang, which seems appropriate. Rose is a lady. "Before I met my partner, you would have probably classified me as a Victorian kind of girl. Long dresses. Fully covered. I had a job. I was raising a family, and I wasn't into this." She didn't masturbate. "I had never used a dildo or any kind of toy before I was divorced. It wasn't something that an upstanding woman does." Now she does it standing up, lying down...every which way. Welcome to the club, Rose.