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Allie Pearson was not the bustiest girl in school, surprisingly enough. But we'd bet that she was the prettiest. "I didn't have really huge boobs until I was 21," said Allie. "I played tennis in high school and I danced for about twelve years." Allie loves football and her favorite team is the New England Patriots. "I love Tom Brady. I'd have sex with him in a heartbeat. I'd do everything for him. I'd wear something that shows off my chest. I would probably massage and kiss him everywhere. I'd rub my breasts all over his body. Oral, definitely. Just anything he'd want." Unfortunately for Brady, he's committed so he misses out on a super babe. "I love to wear tight, low-cut dresses. I do dress to show off my boobs. They're my biggest assets and they minimize my other flaws." Flaws? What flaws? We just see perfection.