Sarah. s Twins.

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Welcome to the Sarah Rae mirror fantasy. It's two for one day. Two Sarahs, no waiting. And there's another fantasy in the second part of this scene. She's done it before. We went on-set after this scene to chat with Sarah about something she's famous for. What she said is good advice for girls who want to win gold medals at this activity. Sarah's voice is so sexy, too. XLGirls: How often did you practice getting both nipples in your mouth? Sarah Rae: I tried almost every day for about a year. XLGirls: Did you use a mirror? Sarah Rae: I didn't really use a mirror. I practiced a lot on webcam, I get to see a preview of myself while I stream so I guess it's kind of like a mirror. The first time I actually got it was on webcam. The person who I was chatting with was super awesome and took a screenshot of it for me. XLGirls: What is the right technique for getting both nipples in your mouth and holding? Sarah Rae: Suck hard. I like to start sucking a little bit before going for the nipples. It helps me balance the weight. XLGirls: Have you timed how many seconds you can hold it? Sarah Rae: I can only hold both for a couple minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I'm cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming, all day! XLGirls: We'd like to see that one day. Thank you, Sarah Rae.