Big Oiled Tits

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Daria welcomes us to her spa where the guests are in very good hands. Unfortunately, she has no customers so she gives herself a massage, and a sexy one it is. Daria removes her smock, her bra and her panties, nice and slow, gets on her massage table and oils her big, natural boobs, getting hands-on. SCORELAND: What is your favorite thing about modeling? Daria: I like to feel sexy and beautiful. It gives me confidence. SCORELAND: People must look at you and think you are a model. Daria: No, it's hard to guess in regular life that I'm a model. SCORELAND: When you had free time, did you explore Prague? Daria: Yes, I walked around and saw some amazing sights. SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your cleavage? Daria: My friends and I like to hold and save things there. They think it's funny.