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Texas Rose, 57, is late for work because she had to call the plumber to fix the water pressure in her bathroom. "I know just the problem," he says, so Rose goes to the kitchen and leaves him to do his job. But when she comes back, she catches him in her drawers, sniffing her panties. Some plumber! "Really? What are you doing?" Rose says. "I fixed it," Jimmy says, although that wasn't exactly what Rose was getting at. "So what are you doing with my panties? Do you like these?" "I got a little fetish," he admits. Turns out she does, too. Hey, we thought she had to go to work! Guess not. The plumber knows how to use his pipe. He fucks her face with it, and she bottoms out on his balls. He fucks her big tits, too, before piping her pierced pussy every which way and cumming in her mouth. Why do plumbers get so much good pussy? Because they ask for it. Rose is a divorcee, mother and grandmother from Texas, and when we asked her if the thought of doing porn had ever crossed her mind before 60Plus MILF Leah L'Amour put the thought in her mind, she said, "Absolutely not. I'm a good girl. I never would've thought of that." "Do you watch porn?" we asked her. "I do now," she said. "But you didn't before?" "I didn't before. Before I met my partner I'm with now, you could've classified me as a Victorian-era kind of girl. Longer dresses, very covered, very little makeup. I had a job to do. I was raising a family, and I wasn't into this." She is now, and we're into her. The plumber is, too.