Daria Has Fun Got The Office

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Is this any way for our friend Daria to run a business office? You bet it is. Daria is flipping through a picture book of sex positions while she's on the phone flirting with someone. The busty brunette beauty gets too excited to go back to work after she hangs up. She needs to find her happy spot right then and right there on her desk so she massages her big, natural tits and rubs her wet pussy. Work can wait. Daria used to sell fruits when she was in school. We'll skip the cantaloupe jokes but she must have done good business with melon lovers. In fact, she says she sometimes likes foreplay with fruit, chocolate and cream. When Daria goes to sleep, she usually sleeps "on my belly, hugging the pillow. I don't wear a bra when I sleep. I like the freedom."