Nympho Jordan Cools Off Her Own Hot 32FF Knockers

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A dip in a cool pool doesn't do much to chill out huge-boobed blonde Jordan Pryce. Nothing really cools off this chesty chick's urge to cum, either by dick or by a lady stick. She's all about sex. Getting it and giving it. Jordan loves to talk about her large breasts. She's a very boob-centric woman. "I used to play sports but now that my boobs are so big, I can't play sports. But I do workout to keep in shape, and I also have a lot of sex. That is a very good way to stay in shape. I like to go places, and everywhere I go, I have sex." There are not many girls who have a heart tattoo over their pussies. I have a tattoo on my wrist, too, and one on my ankle. And I have a bow on my lower back. The one on my pussy is my favorite because it is a heart and I love my pussy. It gives me a great amount of pleasure. That and my big boobs. I am thankful for them."