No Bra Can Not Hold Victoria Vale. s Gigantic Natural Tits.

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Don't try to figure out why Victoria Vale's cardigan buttons don't pop off or why her bra hooks don't bend. It's a miracle of modern engineering that Miss Vale's bra doesn't fly into the camera lens. We did ponder these things while we came up with questions for the blonde bombshell after this boobalicious scene was completed. SCORELAND: Victoria, it's a miracle that the buttons didn't pop off and hit the photographer in the eye. What are your favorite brands of bras? Victoria: My current favorite brand is Curvy Kate. They are fantastic! SCORELAND: What are your favorite styles of bras? Victoria: I like unpadded, see-through or lacy bras that are beautiful and sexy while really showing off my breast size and cleavage. SCORELAND: Do you get fitted when you buy new bras or can you wear them off the rack? Victoria: I have gotten fitted before, but with that brand I can reliably know what size to order. SCORELAND: Do you go braless with a T-shirt? Victoria: Only if the T-shirt is getting wet. SCORELAND: Do you treat your breasts in any special way, like massaging or rubbing cream on them? Victoria: I am obsessed with lotions and creams on my entire body, but especially my breasts! I massage creams and oils into them daily!